yorkr is generic!

The features and functionality in my yorkr package is now complete. My R package yorkr, is totally generic, which means that the R package  can be used for all ODI, T20 matches. Hence yorkr can be used for professional or amateur ODI and T20 matches. The R package can be used for both men and women ODI, T20 international or domestic matches. The main requirement is, that the match data  be created as a Yaml file in the format Cricsheet (Required yaml format for the match data).

I have successfully used my R functions for the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches with changes only to the convertAllYamlFiles2RDataFramesXX (please see posts below)

The convertAllYamlFiles2RDataframes &convertAllYamlFiles2RDataFramesT20 will have to be customized for the names of the teams playing in the domestic professional or amateur matches. All other classes of functions namely Class1, Class2, Class 3 and Class 4 as discussed in my post Introducing cricket package yorkr-Part 1: Beaten by sheer pace can be used as is without any changes.

There are numerous professional & amateur T20 matches that are played around the world. Here are a list of domestic T20 tournaments that are played around the world (from Wikipedia). The yorkr package can be used for any of these matches once the match data is saved as yaml as mentioned above.

So do go ahead and have fun, analyzing cricket performances with yorkr!

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Please take a look at my posts on how to use yorkr for ODI, Twenty20 matches.

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